About Us

Foodie&Tours Zaragoza is your insider’s pass to the capital of Aragon, one of the most overlooked cities of Northern Spain. Explore the rich culture and 2,000-year history of Zaragoza through culinary activities specially designed for passionate foodies. We save travellers precious time searching through endless tour options by filtering out the best that Zaragoza has to offer and listing only the most authentic and representative dining experiences.

Our curated selection includes something for everyone: tapas bar hopping and guided tours of the city’s central market, extended culinary excursions to the countryside to try home-cooked rustic classics, immersive cooking classes, tastings of wines from Aragon’s four Denominaciones de Origen (DO’s) and social meals hosted by Zaragoza locals. The products and dishes featured on our tour vary according to season. We focus on sustainably raised or grown, km0 products that best represent our city and region.

Our talented guides are passionate foodies who will give you a local perspective on the city, explaining the ancient culinary traditions of Aragon. They will lead you to some of Zaragoza’s best kept-secrets, hidden foodie spots off the beaten tourist path. Along the way, they will answer any questions you may have and share fascinating local gossip you won’t hear anywhere else!

Tour the Mercado Central to chat with local vendors and learn about typical products of the region: longaniza and chorizo sausages, the dry-cured ham (jamon) of Teruel, guirlaclies (nougats) and the famous Tronchon (a creamy white cheese mentioned by Cervantes in his legendary “Don Quixote"). Sign up for a local cooking workshop to experience first-hand how these local ingredients are used to prepare the most traditional recipes of Zaragoza. These include ternasco (roasted succulent baby lamb), migas (pan-fried breadcrumbs with onion, garlic, chorizo and grapes), ajoarriero (cod with eggs, garlic and potato) and chilindron (roasted chicken coated in a savory sauce of tomato, pepper and onion). And, of course, no visit to Zaragoza is complete without a taste of the local Cariñena wine.

Foodie&Tours Zaragoza offers a full immersion to the city, its living history and world-class cuisine. Leave it to us to show you the best that ancient Aragon has to offer!

The team

Jorge Acero

Manager and head guide at Foodie&Tours Zaragoza, Jorge is a passionate fooodie and adventuorous traveler. After leaving his native Zaragoza, he spent two years working and studying in Oxford, Brighton and Lincoln, followed by 5 years in Munich, Germany. Between 2016-2017, he completed a Masters Degree in Culinary Tourism at the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian. Jorge enjoys teaching travelers about the history, culture and foodie spots of Zaragoza and its surroundings.